Customer Testimonials

Tom Ruiz -


“Just to let you know the dolphins (all 6) arrived alive and well today. Apparently you are not totally snowbound…and that is good too. Thank you.
Just to share a bit here…We have a Worldmark condo in the family over in Lincoln City, Oregon that we have stayed at several times. One of the art decorations in the condo is the Six Dolphins. So they have a certain sentimental meaning for us as the condo is such a nice getaway and was originally owned by my wife’s sister who is no longer with us. Some time ago, I did a search and could only find the sculpture on your web site. So thank you again for them. I will enjoy seeing them every day now.
I might add I am impressed that you carved out the styrofoam block for shipping so well.
Best wishes to you and yours,”


Carol & Frank C. -

“The coffee table arrived safely and it is absolutely beautiful. It was good talking to you, and we will certainly recommend your products to our friends and family.”


Derrick -

“Just to tell you that my order has been received earlier, succesfully in perfect condition and I'm looking forward to buy other things from you. Thanks for your great service.”


Vicki G. -

“Thank you for your great service -- My order has arrived and the bell pull is beautiful -- what great quality!”


David F. -

“Hi Amy, I tried to send you an email from home on Friday, but it would appear it has not been sent. However I just wanted to say thank you. Your service was second to none, UPS tried to deliver the table Wednesday last week 22nd but unfortunately we were out, and they redelivered on Friday 24th. All arrived safe & sound, and we are extremely pleased with the quality and of course the style of the table. It is very difficult to be sure when buying from pictures and from overseas companies who you don't know. Once again we are extremely pleased. Thank you. Kind regards ”


Tim M. -

“Thank you, Great service, products and awesome web site!”


Brenda C. -

“I just wanted you to know that I finally unpacked my dolphin sculpture and it is gorgeous! Thanks for you recommendation.”


John & Julie R. -

“Hi! We received our two end tables (tops and bases) and the base of our coffee table on Tuesday this week. (They arrived in perfect condition and we're thrilled with them!)... Thanks a million!”


Gail W. -

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your efforts in getting the manufacturer of the dolphin sofa table to make one more table for me. I first found your web site about a month ago and have procrastinated ever since as it was just hard for me to make myself place the order. My son would have loved it and it is very kind of you to call upon a favor for someone whom you don't even know. Thank you again. May God bless you.”


Ron H. - Westminster, CO

“To all Employees and CEO - I sent you a blistering e-mail on Monday telling you how your company sucks in customer service. How wrong I was... Not only did the owner of your company call me Monday evening but he went so far as to give me his cell phone number in case the lamp I ordered for my granddaughter didn't arrive to her by Tuesday. Well, she received it and was thrilled with it. If you have other employees within your company like him you will have nothing but success. Again, thanks so much for you time and I'm sorry if I offended anyone by my 1st e-mail. Don't let some idiot like me stop you from being successful in your everyday job. I'm sure you all work under a lot of pressure in getting orders filled and delivered. Just remember what makes beautiful diamonds.... PRESSURE.”


Tina E. -

“Thank you so much for your excellent service. Now I will be able to give my gift to my boyfriend in person, rather than have him receive it in the mail, without me....! :)”


Debbie -

“Ric, I told you I would let you know then I received the dolphin coffee table. It was delivered Saturday. It is really beautiful and I am enjoying it very much. I see on your Web Site that you must have been able to get more as you are now advertising them at the lower price again. That is good for all the people who wanted them. Thanks again, Debbie”


Fred R. - Mammoth Lakes, CA

“I’m updating my household inventory and was looking for information on the mermaid porthole I purchased from you in December, 2006. I purchased it for a Christmas gift for my wife. My wife likes to collect all things mermaid and has an entire bathroom decorated with mermaid items, most especially those that hang on the wall. I just want to pass along how pleased I am with the purchase. The porthole is wonderful and of excellent quality. It has become the centerpiece of her mermaid decorations. It has quite a “wow factor” with visitors to our home. Although it was only a week or two before Christmas, the porthole arrived in one day. It was well packed to reduce any chance of damage. I would recommend your products to anyone based on this purchase! Thanks again, my wife says this is the best gift I’ve given her since the engagement ring!”


JoAnne F. -

“Just a note to say I received my Dolphin Door Knocker today, and it's beautiful! We are painting our house and live on a Bay so I thought this was a wonderful Christmas present that my husband WON'T be able to figure out..... Thanks so much, you have a permanent customer!”


Kathi B. -

“We received your gifts yesterday. Thank you... it was a very nice gesture. We are very happy with our two end tables and coffee table.”


Bob & Sue L. - Fairfield, N.J.

“Thank you so much for working with us on replacing these wonderful tables for our shore house.”


Bob & Sue L. - Fairfield, N.J.

“We are so pleased to have these beautiful tables back in our home down at the shore again. And we thank you for working with us to replace them so quickly.”


Frances S. -

“...I would like to thank you for such BEAUTIFUL Tables!!! They are beyond our expectations. Thank you for such wonderful customer service also.”


Frances S. -

“Thanks again for the beautiful tables!!! They are just fabulous!! Our Santa Barbara Chapter of the American Cetacean Society will be having their Board meeting at our home next Monday evening ( 11/24) and I would like to tell them of your wonderful company. I would also like to be able to tell them about the donation of products that you so generously offered.”


Suzie F. - Carlsbad, CA

“Your web-site is unbelievable! I live at the beach in Carlsbad, Ca. and my world is surrounded by dolphins, whales and anything to do with the ocean. Even here, it's hard to find beautiful things for my home. I've never found such a complete and realistic store. I plan on ordering soon. Thank you!”


Teresa E. -

“Thank you for the excellent service, I have received my order already and am very happy with it.”


V. Corsello -

“Very nice site and easy shopping. Thank You.”


Doris W. -

“Just thought you would want to know that Candice received the dophins sculpture yesterday and she loves it. Thank you so much for your help. It was a pleasure working with a company that actually does what it says it will do. I will highly recommend you in the future. Thanks and have a great holiday.”


Tina & Al -

“OUR GLASS top has arrived!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous. We are sending a lot of pictures that you ask for. Any that you want, just let me know which page it is on and top, bottom, right and left, whichever ones you want and I will put on a separate sheet by itself and send you a nice jpg copy. It is sooooooooo beautiful. Thank you, you guys for making such a nice dream come true. We are very excited and will have dinner here tonight for which I am getting ready to fix now, as we do eat early... Hope you have a nice evening.”


Barry A. -

“Thanks, Amy. I look forward to the additional pictures. That table does look nice.”


Gail W. -

“The dolphin coffee table came today. It is more beautiful that I ever imagined. I am so grateful for your efforts in having the manufacturer of the sofa table make one more piece for me. I look forward to its arrival. I only wish my son were here to see it. He would have loved it, too. Thank you again.”


Gail W. -

“We received the table a few days ago and I cannot even tell you how beautiful it is. Thank you so much for taking the effort to have one more made for us. I have my son's urn on it with his picture and a small living Christmas Tree which I will plant for him after Christmas. Everyone who sees the table says it could not be a more perfect memorial to Matt with all of his favorite creatures. Thank you and Happly Holidays.”


Allen C. -

“I found your website while searching Yahoo, for Dolphin Coffee tables. By far, your site has the greatest variety of Dolphin items that I have seen on the internet. I was happy to find the exact table I was looking for on your site, if I ever am looking for any dolphin items, I will be back. Thank you.”


Michelle W. -

“Nice Merchandise! Have passed your site on.”